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Hi, I’m Harry. I’m a Professional Photographer, Videographer and Digital Marketer. I’ve worked on a range of Digital based projects for some of the UK’s most respected companies.

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I’ve worked on a range of projects for companies using marketing, photography, videography and editing. Using these skills, I have been able to grow my knowledge and create in many different styles using different mediums of marketing. These include Email campaigns, Social Media posts, in-shop photography and video.

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Radio, Voice Overs, Producing and Editing


I have a huge passion for all things audio and Radio. Over a large portion of my lifetime, I have been involved in many different projects that include Radio Presenting, Producing, Voice Over’s and Radio Editing (Jingles, Promos, Idents etc). I am able to voice many different character styles, present radio shows, edit different radio elements, and much more.

You can hear all of this in my short Showreel here.


Video Production, Camera Operation & Presenting


As above, I love presenting and producing content in all media. I recognise the key impact that digital media can have in today’s digital era. Whether it be for advertising, or to grow a brand. I’ve worked with businesses using the form of video content to grow their brand and drive sales.

I also love making videos myself, including this one. It’s my passion to help people better themselves and live a better life. I try to get across the importance of being kind to yourself, growing as a person and learning every single day.

So if that’s what you’re in to, then feel free to subscribe to my channel to keep up to date with all that I do. (I have much more to come!)

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