About myself


Independent Photographer, Videographer and Designer

I'm Harry, a student in the UK studying Film and TV who enjoys Photography and design also. Ever since a young age I've had an interest in media. I'd always be taking pictures of everything I saw. I'd film anything I could creating short films with friends.

Photography is one of my main passions. My main focus is around portraits and casual photography. I've photographed events such as the Mr England Finals, Local Mud run, Charity events and more. I've built up my knowledge of photography through my desire of taking pictures; focusing on portraits and moving into different areas such as product photography and more. Being able to photograph the world in the way I see it is my main love in photography. Allowing people to see my visions and showing seemingly "boring" objects and turning them into somewhat art. Being able to capture a persons feeling in a single image is something I love doing. Real reactions from real people in a single photo last forever and can trigger memories of the event without having to have video of it. I have gained knowledge of editing the photos also using Lightroom and Photoshop to make any final adjustments. I have a strong desire to learn more and have more opportunities to photograph the world and people. 

Videography leads off from my passion for photography. Telling a story in both, however videography allows for perfect framing and a more in depth description of the event. Telling stories through the medium of video can open up a new world for people. I've never been able to get into books but video has been a way of escape and step into another world. This drove my passion for videography as it allows me to create my own story and share it with others. The use of lighting and angles can help portray the feeling of a character and that has always intrigued me. Wanting to know how everything is done, and how I can achieve it myself.

Designing has been something that I've used to get into photography and videography. Some product shots require graphic design incorporated into them allowing me to explore into the world of design. I've created logos for charities, small businesses and pages. This then followed by branding the company as a whole such as menus, letter headers, books, web design and more. The visual medium to show a companies desires and standards is something I enjoy working in. Designing the forefront of businesses has been a pleasure and it is assuring to see them still being used to this day.

So that's about me.