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We're currently under construction!


We are currently working on a new, bigger, better store for you! This will include a bigger, and better range of stock including new room designs, more styles and more! However, we do not currently know how long construction will take. But, this doesn't mean we aren't open for business! Just order online and we will deliver and fit the very same day! So stay tuned and get ready for a new, better store!


Complete Kitchen

Price: $500 (depending on size)

Details: Comes with all features e.g. Fridge, dishwasher, oven e.t.c. Add-ons available


Complete Bedroom

Price: $450 (Depending on size and addons)

Details: Comes with standards (Beds, tables, drawers e.t.c.

Complete Living Room

Price: $460 (Without add-ons)

Details: Comes with Sofa(s), table, bookshelves, carpet, speaker bracketts, tv stand, lighting e.t.c.