Think Unconventionally

Photo by  Kelly Sikkema  on  Unsplash

I like to approach problems differently than most people do. It’s called Unconventional thinking. Rather than thinking the same way as everyone else, I try and think in a completely different way. This way I open my mind up to new ideas, solve problems faster or solve problems in a new and exciting way.

Here’s an example of a way I think unconventionally.

You have to find an audio track for a new video about City exploration. Imagine slow-motion cinematic lifestyle. Everyone else would go for an upbeat audio track Casey Neistat Style (I love this style, by the way. No hate).

The way I approach it is to break everything down to its simplest form and build it back up to find the perfect track.

In the scene you can see slow cars moving past in traffic. The hustle and bustle of pedestrians. There is a glowing low lying sun, Twinkling through the tall buildings. There’s Traditional styled shops, like greengrocers and fish-markets.

You’d start by identifying these things and making a list. Then, you’d read each word and write down the first thing that comes to mind.

We’ll start with slow moving cars. I think of the droning engines and rumbles of the cars slowly moving in cinematic slow motion. The fumes of them slowly rising to meet the cold glowing air. Next is the low lying sun. I think of fresh air and wide open spaces. Traditional styled shops I think of simplicity. Nothing fancy.

Next, we think of the first musical style that comes to mind when we think of each word. Droning engines is simple. I think of drones (The musical kind). Next is the wide open spaces. I think of breathy orchestral tones. And simplicity I think of slow piano notes.

To find the audio, I just search for it in Epidemic Sound (My favourite place for paid music). Here is the very first track that came up. (Turns out it’s exactly what I was thinking of). Tell me if this helps you imagine the scene even more:

You can imagine the scene just from this. You can feel the scene. The slow-motion. The cinematic style. The warm glow in the cold air. Just by breaking things down and thinking differently can change an entire project you’re working on.

Don’t just limit yourself to what first comes to mind when you find a problem. Take a moment, pause, and approach it unconventionally. Break things down to their simplest form and build them back up again. Don’t take photos with the crowd, but of the crowd. Don’t look up, look down. Don’t focus on the entire picture, focus on the small details. Don’t think the way others do.

Not only does thinking this way speed up your work flow, but it also increases accuracy and your general perception to everything around you.

This blog post is not meant to be a How-to guide of how to think unconventionally, but rather a wake up call that it is possible. That you should be thinking differently. That you can stand out from the crowd. That there is no science or mathematics to this. It’s all about tapping in to a different way of thinking.

So the next time you come up to a problem, stop. Think: “How can I approach this unconventionally?”. Unlock your inner potential. Don’t limit yourself. You’re capable of achieving amazing things if you just think in a different way.

Don’t think conventionally, think unconventionally and your life will be changed forever.

Harry SteelComment