How to get the faded look in Lightroom

It’s super easy to get the faded look in Lightroom, here’s how.

We’ve all seen it. Incredible landscape, turquoise water, clear blue skies. That Instagram look is an unforgettable picture. The question is; “How do I get my pictures to look like that?”.

Aside from needing to take a trip to somewhere very expensive (You might be luckier than I am), the actual look is very simple to achieve. It’s all thanks to a very useful tool in Adobe Lightroom called The Tone Curves Panel.

You may have seen in your favourite apps a setting called “faded” where it allows you to add this effect very simply, but if you are a photographer wanting to edit your photo in a proper editing software, then the Tone Curves Panel is where you want to be looking.

We start out by opening the curves panel and setting 3 points by clicking on the first, middle and last line. (You can see how to do this properly in the video). Once these are created, it’s as simple as slightly lifting up the bottom left point whilst keeping it hugged to the left side of the box.

Now be careful, you can very easily over-do this. I’ve found that lifting the first point slightly, then lifting the second point slightly, gives you the perfect desired look. You can also use the tone curves RGB function to add colour to the different tones of your image. For instance; I want to add some blue to my shadows. I can do this by selecting the RGB dropdown, selecting blue and doing the same as to add the faded look.

The Tone Curves Panel is a super useful tool in Lightroom, and definitely needs more time and attention that this blog post can achieve. So go and play around with it, and see what effects you can create. Good luck!

Harry SteelComment