When I got my first proper phone (apart from the first first time which was a flip phone) I always had the problem of screen size. My main uses of a phone include mainly video content (YouTube), website browsing, photography. Yet my phone couldn't handle my main tasks how I wanted them to. The screen was small and had low resolution, websites became glitchy because the screen was small and the camera was worse than a potato.

Nexus 4

My next phone (Nexus 4) was bigger and better in all ways. The one problem I had though, was the fact that I purchased this phone 2 weeks before the Nexus 5 announcement. However, it didn't mean that my phone was rendered useless or that I compared it to the nexus 5. Compared to my previous phone, this one was a power house. It worked like a dream, the camera was, although not being the best, better than the old ones in every way, the screen was alot larger, websites looked great and it had a HD screen!

2 Years later it was time for an upgrade. Many new phones had just been announced and it was my time to pick one that I wanted to use for another 2 years. A big choice so I had to think. Although it didn't take that much thinking as I already knew what phone I was looking for. After using the Nexus 4, I realised that I still wanted more out of a phone. Including size. For some, the Nexus 4 is already quite a large phone. But for my uses and being a tech geek, I wanted a larger phone still. I wanted the camera to be improved, more ram, higher ppi/resolution, and get it when it first came out. That is why I settled on the Nexus 6.

Having already had a Nexus 4 for 2 years I though the Nexus 6 would be the best phone for me. And, I was correct. The screen is a whopping 6 inches (Nexus 4 has a 4.7 display with a resolution of 1280 x 768 and 320dpi.) Upon reading the reviews online of it, I was shocked to see what people had been saying about the phone. 80% of the articles that I read on the Nexus 6 I totally disagree with. The reviewers have clearly used the phone once or for a short amount of time and made a conclusion. That is why it is best to get a review of someone who uses it as a daily driver. "Lagginess" "Too big" "Bad display" are just some of the comments made about this phone. These are all lies. It is buttery smooth and hasn't lagged on me once even with 20+ apps open and running at the same time. To some it may be too big, but for the people like myself that want a bigger display, it is perfect. And the display is, although it may not be the best, amazing. Rich colors and a resolution of 2QHD. Quad High Definition. Now this may have turned into a rant about how reviewers should get their facts straight and get used to the phone before posting but it further boosts why I got a larger phone. The resolution is higher, screen is bigger, camera is better (It can shoot video at 4K) and it is more up to date. I recommend this phone to anyone who wants a phone with a large display and great quality. If you are used to a Samsung phone but want a bigger phone, go for a Note 4. Both phones are brilliant and are worth every penny.

So that is why I picked a large phone over a smaller one. If you want to get a large phone, I recommend these two. If you want a stock android experience and the latest updates, go for the Nexus 6. If you have a Samsung device or want a phone with a styles e.g. tablet capabilities, then go for the Note 4 or Note edge.

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