Hi, I'm Harry. I'm a freelance Photographer & Videographer based in the UK

Ever since a young age I've had an interest in media. I'd always be taking pictures of everything I saw. I'd film anything I could; creating short films with friends.


"Photography is about the story surrounding the image, not the equipment you use"

-Harry Steel 


Having a mum who worked as a photographer sparked my interest in the field. Seeing what you could capture in a single moment fascinated me. From getting my first camera, I built up the skill of being able to capture those moments in the best ways possible. Having the eye for photography seemed to come naturally to me. Seeing and sharing the images made me realize, this is what I want to do.

As I advanced so did my ever growing equipment and helped me be able to capture even more. I've been a photographer for events such as The Mr England Finale (Ricoh Arena, Coventry, UK) and different physical events such as Mud Run (UK) working alongside other photographers as an independent photographer. I also spent my free time taking portraits of my friends and family which then turned into taking portraits of people as one of my main specialties. It's more thank taking a picture of a person. It's capturing a personality in an image.

I then moved onto client work for marketing images, such as Bubble Boba (Fargo Village, Coventry, UK) where it was my responsibility to photograph all the new drinks menu and shots for advertising. This was done over a long period of time, and after many drinks consumed. This is still ongoing work.

As for now, I am working with different clients. And open to work with new clients also.

So, that's about me.

Harry Steel