Harry Steel


About Me


Hi, I'm Harry. I'm a Freelance Photographer and Videographer based in the UK.

My Portfolio showcases some of the projects that I have / am working on.

I like to capture moments and stories within a photo, rather than just taking photos. I love the story behind an image and the emotions it can convey. From Portraits that show a style to emotions such as a wedding day. I capture a memory in a photograph. So when you look back, you'll remember the day clearly and have it captured in a single moment.

I also do product photography and design for small businesses wishing to showcase new and exciting products. These are then used in marketing to showcase them in the highest quality possible to help attract more customers and business. This also spans to events of the products being used.

At the current moment in time I am limited to places near and around Coventry that is easily accessible by train. If you would like Portraits or business photography, please contact me here.

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